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Over the past months, the Foundation has been working hard to develop a new website for 2020. The original website was created before 2004.

The new site features much of the old information, but also includes an upgraded News section, a Giving section, a new section that serves as a guide on how to apply for a grant, and much more. In addition, several of the pages will be available in French as a tribute to the Foundation's commitment to Franco-American relations.

Original Site

June 2019

The Richard Lounsbery Award Page

August, 2019 → The website construction begins. Initially, we started off by copying everything from the old website onto the new one, so there are many similarities.

Start Of New Site

August 2019

The Board Members and Staff Page

September, 2019 → The website begins to evolve during this stage. We decided on universal fonts. The website was originally monotonous: Gray and White. Here are the only places where color appeared:

First Draft

September 2019

The Richard Lounsbery Award Recipients

January 2019 → After months of development, we finally published our site.


Logo History

An Analysis


When we started this website project, we wanted to modernize the foundation, but stay true to our roots. So we did just that.

| The Original Logo →

| The First Draft Logo →

| The New Logo →


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