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Ambassador David M. Abshire passed away on October 31st, 2014 in his Alexandria home.  Abshire served as the President of the Lounsbery Foundation since 2002 and will be remembered for his tireless efforts in – as he would say - “Saving the Republic.”  During his tenure as President of the Foundation, Abshire focused efforts to build the country’s science proficiency after the attacks of September 11th; helping to launch the field of science diplomacy; holding together the Franco-American relationship during the Iraq War; and enhancing America’s competitiveness through the strengthening of STEM education.  Abshire is well known for his commitment to educating and mentoring our country’s next generation of leaders, many of whom are currently serving in public office.  Over the course of his nearly sixty years of service in Washington, Abshire worked tirelessly as an honest broker, bipartisan convener, and thought leader during some of Washington’s most complex political times.

He is survived by his wife of 56 years, Carolyn Sample Abshire; five children: Lupton Abshire, Anna Bowman, Mary Lee Jensvold, Phyllis D’Hoop, and Caroline Hall; and eleven grandchildren.


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