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"We were honored and grateful to be the first recipients of the Richard Lounsbery Award 40 years ago. However, we were uncertain about the future of this new prize.  The prestige of any award is determined by the achievements of the recipients who are chosen year after year. We are happy to see that the prestige of the Lounsbery has grown, owing to the diligence of the Juries who have chosen an outstanding group of women and men."

          The Richard Lounsbery Award is an annual prize given to young (aged 45 and below) French and American scientists to recognize extraordinary scientific achievement in biology and medicine.  It is administered in alternate years by the National Academy of Sciences and the French Académie des sciences.  In addition to honoring scientific excellence, the Award is intended to stimulate research and encourage reciprocal scientific exchanges between the United States and France.  The Richard Lounsbery Award was established by Vera Lounsbery in memory of her husband, Richard Lounsbery, in 1978.


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